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For years, we have been providing our catering services for various matters. Weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and business discussion various embassies. Here you can choose from our catering menu, but also we fulfill additional wishes of our customers. Of course we serve traditional dishes from the Balkans but also certainly international dishes that are more recognizable. We are very well known for roasting whole suckling pigs, lambs or even a whole veal on the spit at the desired location. Read more >


At Balkan Deli you are welcome for various matters at our location! Balkan Deli is ideal for birthdays, wedding receptions, staff parties, baby showers and other events. To best support the event, Balkan Deli has a professional team at your disposal. With a capacity of approx. 60 people inside and approx. 50 people on the sunny terrace Balkan Deli offers fun opportunities for companys. Balkan Deli is very central located. With just a few steps away from the tourist attraction ‘’The Euromast’’ and the park around the tower. The center of Rotterdam is also within easy reach just a few minutes away.
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