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At Balkan Deli we combine our home made meals with season vegetables. The best quality is what we stand for many years. Our offer consists of grilled & roasted meat, fish, vegan and vegetarian dishes. All the meals, sandwiches, soups, roasted & grilled meat and fish can be taken with, or enjoyed throughout the day at our beautiful new location. Read more >

Story behind Balkan Deli

(formerly ‘De Engel Delicatessen & Catering’)

On march 8. 2020 our old establishment on Schiedamseweg 94B in Rotterdam completely burned down. This forced us to find a new location for our restart. After a long search, we settled on the Westzeedijk 381 J in Rotterdam. Because of this horrible event, we felt that a new name would be appropriate for a new start. From now on we will continue our activities under the name “Balkan Deli”.
All day concept

The Balkan Deli team has been known for its unique concept for many years. We have large custom ovens where we roast meat daily. We roast suckling pigs, lamb and veal daily. The roasted meat is sold per kilo as a delicacy to our customers for take away. When ordered, we also roast whole suckling pigs, lambs, turkeys (Christmas) that people take home neatly packed for their party. Because we carry a unique concept, we are visited daily by customers from all over the Netherlands and even countries such as Belgium and Germany.

Also characteristic is our grilled meat from the charcoal grill, which is very popular with our customers. The customer sees an assortment of fresh meat displayed to choose from. The meat is then weighed and grilled for take away.

We offer our customers the opportunity to order sandwiches and traditional (vegetarian) dishes (such as beef goulash, stuffed peppers, veal stew, vegetable stew and grilled vegetables throughout the day).

In addition to the traditional dishes, we of course also offer recognizable dishes. Lunch classics such as a goat cheese sandwich, various egg dishes, salads, soups and a club sandwich can be found on the menu card.

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